Mount Vernon Animal Hospital

We're here for you and your pet through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond!

Now offering online veterinary consultations

We are pleased to be able to offer you online veterinary consultations to help you better understand your pet's medical condition. These do not take the place of in-person veterinary care, and we cannot diagnose, prescribe for, nor treat your pet. This service is not for emergencies or critically ill pets.

What we can do is:

-answer general veterinary medical questions.

-offer nutritional consultations and weight management advice.

-clarify information you've received from your vet regarding your pet's condition.

-review records, blood results, radiographs, and other data and offer our opinion regarding the diagnosis and possible treatment options.

-advise on additional diagnostic tests which may be helpful to your pet.

-offer suggestions for complementary or alternative treatments for your pet.

-provide quality of life consultations.

-give advice or assistance in managing your pet's medications or treatments.

-advise on behavioral issues.

-provide preventative medicine recommendations.

Who are we?

Dr. Jane Owel & Dr. Myra Miller each have over 25 years of experience in general small animal practice. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care for our patients and have excellent communication skills. We are dedicated to continuing education, each gaining over 50-60 hours/year (the state requires 15). Our practice is highly regarded by our clients, being one of only two clinics in Fairfax County, VA (population 1.13 million) to receive a check (the highest mark) for quality and value for the past 3 years in the Washington Consumer Checkbook magazine.

We have special interests in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, pain management and sports medicine.

Who can benefit from online consultations?

Anyone who would like another opinion about their pet's condition or treatment, or who would like advice on diet, behavior or preventative medicine. We are easy to talk to, and our goal is to help you take the best care of your pet that you possibly can. Our extensive experience means that we can give excellent advice on testing, treatment options, medicating and referral to a specialist.

Options to fit your situation.

If you have a simple question, and do not need record or radiograph reviews, choose our SIMPLE QUESTION option. This could be a general medical question, a question about vaccinations, a simple dietary or supplement question, a wellness or preventative care question, or the like. You could use this option to ask about interpretation of a specific test. You must provide us with as much information about your pet, and ask the question as specifically as you can. Our SIMPLE QUESTION option is limited to 2 email exchanges about the question.

Pricing $31.00 call (703)360-6600 to pay with a credit card over the phone and get instructions on how to proceed. 

More complex questions should choose the REGULAR CONSULT. This would be the best option for dietary analysis or case-based medical advice. For dietary analysis, we will review the specific food you feed, make suggestions as to the appropriateness of said food, offer alternatives and specific recommendations about feeding and treats.

For medical cases, we will review your pet's records, including bloodwork and radiographs, and have an in-depth discussion with you regarding the diagnosis, alternative diagnoses, supplemental diagnostic tests that we feel would be helpful, as well as offering treatment options. We will also include a full write-up on the condition diagnosed.

Have questions about your pet's quality of life? This is a subject that is painful to bring up, but all pet owners face it eventually. We can advise you on the compassionate care of your loving companion. Pain management, palliative care and end of life are discussions we're familiar with, and we can help you make the best decision for your pet and your family. 

The REGULAR CONSULT option is limited to 5 email exchanges about the question.

Pricing $65.00 call (703)360-6600 to pay with a credit card over the phone and get instructions on how to proceed. 

For pets with a complicated medical issue or issues, or those who have had multiple opinions already, choose our COMPLICATED SECOND OPINION option. In this case, we will review all records and tests performed, giving our opinion about the diagnosis, offering alternative diagnoses, and/or testing which may help clarify the situation.

We would also be available to explain the condition in more detail and answer any questions you have have about the diagnosis and/or treatment. We can offer suggestions on the best way to medicate your pet, or help you master insulin injections, among other things. We can offer suggestions on complementary or alternative treatments which may benefit your pet, as well as addressing pain management.

The COMPLICATED SECOND OPINION option is limited to 15 email exchanges about the problem.

Pricing $120.00 call (703)360-6600 to pay with a credit card over the phone and get instructions on how to proceed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you offer a second opinion without seeing my pet?

A: We will base our opinion and recommendations on the information you provide us about your pet, so the more information you share with us, the better. We will also review any records, blood tests, radiographs, etc., that your veterinarian shares with us. You are responsible for facilitating the transfer of records, though we will contact your vet if they request it. We will put together the physical findings that your vet recorded, along with the test results, to come to our conclusions regarding the diagnosis, other possible diagnoses, further testing and treatment options.

Q: Can we speak to you on the telephone?

A: At this time, the service is only available via electronic media.

Q: How soon will I be contacted about my question?

A: We will be in contact with you within 48 hours, excepting holidays.